Becoming a trustworthy institution for research and technical service in Textile Sector.


  1. Competency strengthening by means of technological innovation.
  2. Provide a technical professional services.
  3. Improve networking with the other agencies.

Main Duties and Functions

Center for Textile has the task of conducting the research, development, cooperation, standardization, testing, certification, calibration and competence development of technical textile industry according with the policy set by the Head of Research and Development of Industry.

In performing this duties, BBT has the functions:

  • Research and development, technical services technology field of raw materials, auxiliary materials, processes, products, equipment and implementation services in the field of technical training, consulting / counseling, transfer of technology as well as design and engineering industry, incubation, and prevention of industrial pollution;
  • Implementation of marketing, cooperation, development and utilization of information technology;
  • Implementing the testing and certification of raw materials, auxiliary materials, and industrial textile products, as well as machinery and equipment calibration activities;
  • Implementation of the planning, management, and coordination of infrastructure research and development activities in the BBT, and the preparation and implementation of the textile industry standardization; and
  • Technical and administrative services to all elements within BBT.