SMM SNI ISO 9001:2015 Certification

Lembaga Sertifikasi Sistem Manajemen Mutu (LSSM)/Quality Management System Certification Body of Center for Textile (CFT) that is Textile Industry Quality Assurance (TIQA) is the official independent quality certification institution owned by the government which was established on 12 January 1996. TIQA is accredited by the Komite Akreditasi Nasional (KAN) / National Accreditation Committee with the scope of textile and textile products dated 31 October 2003 number LSSM-004-IDN. In carrying out its activities, TIQA refers to ISO / IEC 17021: 2011.

With the cooperation of mutual recognition between PAC and IAF, the accreditation agency of Indonesia under KAN not only recognized nationally but also gain equal recognition with foreign accreditation agencies on international level so that the certificates issued by PAC members including KAN Indonesia surely accepted by customers in national and international trade.

To date, many medium to large scale textile enterprises that active in spinning, weaving, dyeing and garment has received the certificate of ISO 9001:2015 from TIQA.

TIQA employs auditors who experienced in the field of textile, quality management system ISO 9001 Total Quality Management. We also direct quality improvement continuously to meet the customer satisfaction.

For further information, suggestions and complaints, please Contact:
Quri Siti MDP (Institution Manager)
Address Jl. General A. Yani No. 390, Bandung
Main Building 2nd Floor
phone : 022-7206214, 7206215 ext. 166
Fax : 022- 7271288
Email :

The cost of certification according to Indonesian Government Regulation number 47 of 2011.

Indonesian Government Regulation number 47 of 2011 772.17 KB Download


LSSM TIQA Client List Year 2018

No. Company Address Scope No. Ref No. Certificate Published Expired Certification Status
1 PT. Trisula Textile Industries Jl. Mahar Martanegara No. 170 Cimahi
Telp (022) 6613333
Fax (022) 6613377
Texturizing, Twisting, Sizing, Weaving, Dyeing, dan Finishing 98.04/TIQA-02 TIQA-16.02.29 11-Okt-16 10-Okt-19 Aktif
2 PT. Kapasindo Prima Jl. SMP 122 No. 88A Kapuk Muara Penjaringan, Jakarat Utara
Telp. 021 - 5405027, 5405028
Fax. 021 - 5455906
Perajutan Kaus Kaki 99.06/TIQA-03 TIQA-17.02.32 15-Jun-17 15-Sep-18 Dibekukan
3 PT. Tiga Insan Sejahtera Komp. Dwijaya Plaza No. 3A,
Jl. Radio Dalam Raya, Gandaria Utara, Jakarta Selatan
Telp. (021) 7231870
Garment 11.11/TIQA-03 TIQA-11.03.18 30-Jun-14 29-Jun-17 Dicabut
4 CV. Maju Mapan Jl. Raya Ngunut 26 Tulung Agung Jawa Timur
Telp. (0355) 395465
Pertenunan & Garment 12.13/TIQA-03 TIQA-15.05.26
15-Jan-16 15-Jan-19 Aktif
5 PT. Frans Putratex Jl. Cikande Kopo - Desa Banjarsari Cikande - Serang, Banten
Telp. 0254-401089
Kantor: Jl Susilo Raya No C-5 Jakarta Barat
Pertenunan, Pencelupan, Penyempurnaan 13.14/TIQA-02 TIQA-13.02.21
10-Okt-13 11-Okt-16 Dicabut
6 PT. Bandung Sakura Textiles Mills Jln. Dayeuhkolot No. 33 Bandung
Telp. (022) 5205888
Pencelupan & Penyempurnaan 14.15/TIQA.02 TIQA-14.02.23 integrated 4-Jun-14 3-Jun-17 Dicabut
7 PT. Anugraha Wening Caranadwaya Jln. H. Juhri No. 71 Meruya Selatan Kembangan, Jakarta
Telp. (021) 65314131
Fax. (021) 65314141 (021)5855353
Garment 14.16/TIQA.03 TIQA -14.03.24 9-Jun-14 8-Jun-17 Dicabut
8 PT. Retota Sakti Menara Kuningan, Kuningan, Lt. 11 Jln. HR.Rasuna Said Blok X-7 Kav 5, Jakarta (021)30012448 Pertenunan 14.17/TIQA.02 TIQA -14.03.25 9-Sep-14 8-Sep-17 Dicabut
9 PT. Ayoe Indotama Textile Jln. Mahar Martanegara No 205 Kel. Utama,Cimahi
Telp: (022) 6030089
Fax: (022) 6027301
Perajutan, Pencelupan & Penyempurnaan 15.18/TIQA.02 TIQA-16.02.35 Integrated 12-Jun-18 24-Apr-19 Aktif
10 PT. Kharisma Printex Jln. Holis No. 461 Bandung
Telp. (022) 6033837
Fax. (022) 6033836
Pencelupan & Pencapan 15.19/TIQA.02 TIQA-16.05.28
15-Mar-16 14-Mar-19 Aktif
11 PT. Ferinatex Jaya Jln. Cihaneut No. 16 Majalaya
Telp. (022) 5951244-1247
Pencelupan, Pencapan & Penyempurnaan 16.20/TIQA.02 TIQA-17.02.31 Integrated 17-Peb-17 22-Peb-2020 Aktif
12 PT. Karya Hidup Jayantara Jln. Cihaneut No. 16 Majalaya Telp. (022) 5951244-1248 Pencelupan, Pencapan & Penyempurnaan 17.21/TIQA-03 TIQA-18.02.34 Integrated 29-Jan-18 29-Jan-21 Aktif
13 PT. Indo Kapas Prima Jln. Perancis BI G 1 Tangerang Banten Telp. (021) 55955841 Manufaktur Cotton Buds dan Cotton Balls 18.22/TIQA-03       dalam proses


Client of TIQA Valid and Expired per 2018

No Perusahaan Keterangan Status Sertifikasi
1 PT. Sandratex tahun 1997 klien ke 1 Tidak Aktif
2 PT. Primissima tahun 1997 klien ke 2 Tidak Aktif
3 GKBI tahun 1997 klien ke 3 Tidak Aktif
4 PT. Trisula Textile Industries tahun 1998 klien ke 4 Aktif
5 PT. Bintang Agung tahun 1999 klien ke 5 Tidak Aktif
6 PT. Kapasindo Prima tahun 1999 klien ke 6 Aktif
7 Tini Bali tahun 2004 klien ke 7 Tidak Aktif
8 CV. Mama Leon tahun 2006 klien ke 8 Tidak Aktif
9 Rumah Busana Tria tahun 2007 klien ke 9 Tidak Aktif
10 UD. Putri Ayu tahun 2009 klien ke 10 Tidak Aktif
11 PT. Tiga Insan Sejahtera tahun 2011 klien ke 11 Tidak Aktif
12 PT. Bhineka Karya Manunggal tahun 2012 klien ke 12 Tidak Aktif
13 CV. Maju Mapan tahun 2012 klien ke 13 Aktif
14 PT. Frans Putratex tahun 2013 klien ke 14 Tidak Aktif
15 PT. BSTM tahun 2014 klien ke 15 Tidak Aktif
16 PT. Anugraha Wening tahun 2014 klien ke 16 Tidak Aktif
17 PT. Retota Sakti tahun 2014 klien ke 17 Tidak Aktif
18 PT. Ayoe Indotama Textile tahun 2015 klien ke 18 Aktif
19 PT. Kharisma Printex tahun 2015 klien ke 19 Aktif
20 PT. Ferinatex Jaya tahun 2016 klien ke 20 Aktif
21 PT. Karya Hidup Jayantara tahun 2017 klien ke 21 Aktif
22 PT. Indo Kapas Prima tahun 2018 klien ke 22 dalam proses


Top Manager Commitment:
Top Manager and Manager of TIQA-BBT committed in carrying out the TIQA activities will:

  1. Provide all certification application for each of the textile industry and textile products from private or government sector without discrimination and in accordance with the scope of the applicant
  2. Provide impartial rules and accessible TIQA client-BBT, impartiality in the audit and refers to the current ISO 9001:2008 quality management system standard
  3. Ensuring that there is no conflict of interest between all TIQA personnel and the client to obtain the certificate
  4. Ensuring that the audit team in certification process is objective and not in the capacity as consultant to the company which undergo the certification process
  5. Ensuring that the certification decision is neutral and objective that not even a single certification personnel can influence the decisions that resulting in damaging both sides.

Impartiality Analysis:

  1. TIQA identify, analyze and documenting any conflict of interest or the threat to impartiality
  2. TIQA maintains good working relationship between TIQA personnels as well the client. TIQA ensure that relationship does not have a conflict of intere