Product Certification

The utilization of Standar Nasional Indonesia (SNI) / Indonesia National Standard on industrial products are quality assurance for products circulating in the domestic market. SNI can be used as a requirement to perform a public and private tenders. SNI also support the competitiveness of national industries to promote good flow of goods and also for consumer protection.

As a form of validity of an industry to use the SNI mark, the certification bodies is needed. In addition, as a guarantee for a certification body that it has sufficient credibility then accreditation process had to be perform by independent national institutions and in this regard is the Komite Akreditasi Nasional (KAN) / National Accreditation Committee.

LSPro TEXPA of Center for Textile (CFT) is a product certification body owned by the government (Ministry of Industry) that has been accredited and ready to provide the needs of the textile industry that requires the use of Sertifikasi Produk Penggunaan Tanda (SPPT) SNI / Product Certification Marks of SNI. LSPro TEXPA accredited by KAN with LSPr number-023-IDN. In carrying out the certification process, the entire personnel of LSPro TEXPA that involved are objective, impartial and free from conflict of interest, so that the certification process is in accordance with the requirements with ISO/IEC 17065:2012 (Conformity rating-Requirements for product certification bodies, processes and services) and KAN 402:2007.

Organizational Structure of LSPro TEXPA



LSPro TEXPA Scope of 2015

No Nomor SNI Judul SNI
1 SNI 08-6108-1999 Viscose Rayon Staple Fibre (High Tenacity)
2 SNI 08-0034-2004 Quality of mixed single yarn polyester 65% cotton 35%
3 SNI 08-1759-2004 Requirements of mixed single yarn polyester 65% cotton 35%
4 SNI 08-2938-1992 Polyester textured yarn
5 SNI 08-6112-2004 Mixed single yarn polyester 50% cotton 50%
6 SNI 08-0051-2008 Woven fabric for shirt
7 SNI 0056:2013 Woven fabric for suit
8 SNI 08-0108-2006 Quality of georgette fabric polyester 100%
9 SNI 08-1515-2004 Woven fabric for gown and blouse
10 SNI 08-2160-2004 Vitrage fabric
11 SNI 08-0055-2002 Towell
12 SNI 08-7131-2005 Sock
13 SNI 08-4340-1996 Fabric for Silk Cover
14 SNI 0110:2008 Fabric for adult - poleng and pelikat
15 SNI 08-0629-2004 Mori voalisima fabric
16 SNI 08-0280-2004 Mori primissima fabric
17 SNI 08-0282-1989 Blue mori fabric, Quality
18 SNI 08-0281-2004 Mori prima fabric
19 SNI 7617:2013 Textile - Requirement for azo dyes, formaldehyde content and extracted metal content in fabric
20 SNI 08-7189:2006 Formaldehyde content on clothing for baby, children and adult
21 SNI 7718:2011 Textile - Geotextile non woven - Polyester staple fibre for filtration and spacer
22 SNI 7722:2011 Textile - Requirement for extracted metal content in fabric for clothing
23 SNI 08-1771-2004 Bed cover
24 SNI 7719:2011 Textile-Knit fabric for wowen underwear
25 SNI ISO 8124-1:2010 Toys Safety – Part I : The safety aspect associated with physical and mechanical properties
26 SNI ISO 8124-2:2010 Toys Safety – Part II : Flammability
27 SNI ISO 8124-3:2010 Toys Safety – Part III : Migration of certain elements
28 EN 71-5 (SP) Phthalate content


Based on a decree dated 6 March 2015

Product certification combining at least 3 (three) stages of function in its activities, as follows:

  1. Selection (sampling)
  2. Determination
  3. Review and determination (Decision)

Matrix and the type of product certification system is a combination of all three functions.

LSPro TEXPA has two certification systems including certification system 5 for voluntary product and certification system 1 for mandatory SNI products including toys and baby clothes that matching with designation from the Ministry of Industry that is the Direktorat Basis Industri Manufaktur/ Directorate of Industrial Manufacturing Base that act as regent.

Type I certification system used in Mandatory SNI for toys and baby products covers:

  1. Request for samples