Design Building and Industrial Engineering

The rise of small and medium scale textile industry gains supports from government agency such as Ministry of Industry, Ministry of Trade, Ministry of SMEs, Banking agencies etc.This is done as an effort to strengthen the national economy and to create employment in the area. Industrial machinery related to textile and clothing SMEs currently on demand and Industrial Design and Engineering Section of CFT offers services to manufacture of machinery for small and medium industries which can be adjusted as needed.

In addition we can also provide technical solutions to the problems faced in the field. We have a team of consultants who are ready to survey and diagnose the production process done by the industry, and then analyze and provide solutions in the form of mechanical engineering and production process engineering.

Flow process of Industrial Design and Engineering in Center for Textile (CFT):

  1. Customer request the service via fax/email/phone
  2. Preparation of the proposal offer letter by CFT
  3. Customer issued a letter of approval over the proposal
  4. Preparation of the Cooperation Contract by the Cooperation Section of CFT
  5. Implementation of the design and engineering program
  6. Submission of the end product, installation, and operator training (if necessary)
  7. Payment according to agreements in Cooperation Contract.