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Community Complaints. To facilitate the community in submitting reports, the Ministry of Industry has provided an online means that can be accessed at any time.

The scope of Community Complaints we receive include: Misuse of authority; Society service; Corruption, collusion, and nepotism and illegal charges; Staffing; Management / regulation; Housing / land; and other public complaints. Public complaints can be submitted through: Online Community Complaints Service of the Ministry of Industry.

Announcement of Procurement of Goods and Services (In 2018 there is no auction of procurement of goods and services in Centrer for Textiles)

Rules Applicable in Center for Textiles :

  • Decree of Head of Center for Textile no. 33 / Kep / BPKIMI / BBT / 03/2014 on Personnel Structure Product Certification Agency Textile Product Assurance (TEXPA)
  • SK Head of Central Textile Agency no. 35 / Kep / BPKIMI / BBT / 03/2014 on Organizational Structure of Quality System Certification Body of Textile Industry Quality Assurance (TIQA)
  • Quality Guidelines for Product Certification Services
  • Quality Procedures of Product Certification Services
  • Quality System Quality Certification Service Guidelines
  • Quality System Quality System Certification Procedure
  • Vision of Service Mission
  • Service Notices
  • Excellent Service Commitment
  • Motto Services
  • Service Manual
  • SOP Service
  • Complaint Filling Form
  • Decision of Customer Compliance Team
  • SK Information and Documentation Management Team

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- Financial report (Audited) - 2013,

Any Information managed by CFT that can be acquired via Public Information Request mechanism is consist of:

Information is immediately an information that must be submitted to the public because it can threaten the livelihood of the public and public order.

Currently there is no information immediately from the Center of Textiles.